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Since its inception in 1948, MACSA has been rooted in a rich tradition of volunteerism, with educators coming together to mentor, pray for, and support one another. This foundational spirit of generosity and mutual aid has not only persisted but flourished over the years. Today, MACSA proudly offers a wide array of volunteer opportunities, allowing members to contribute their skills and passion in various meaningful ways. Whether it's assisting with the organization and execution of our conventions, offering support at the spirited track meets, facilitating the enriching Bible Quizzing program, or providing mentorship to fellow educators, there are numerous avenues for involvement. These volunteer roles are crucial for the continued success of our events and programs, embodying the collaborative and supportive ethos at the heart of MACSA. Engaging in these opportunities not only enhances the experience for all involved but also strengthens the bonds within our educational community, ensuring that the legacy of volunteering continues to thrive.

Convention Help

Dive into the heart of our community by volunteering during convention days, where you can play a vital role in setting the stage for an enriching experience. From hands-on assistance with setup, bringing spiritual uplift through worship support, to running essential errands, your involvement is the backbone of a seamless and inspiring event. Engage directly in fostering an environment where education and faith merge, creating memorable moments for all attendees.


Track Meet Help

Join us in bringing our exciting two-day track meet to life, where your contribution as a volunteer is invaluable. We're in search of enthusiastic individuals to record race times, measure field events, distribute awards, and provide assistance to participants. Your involvement ensures a smooth, fair, and joyful competition, celebrating the athletic talents and sportsmanship of our students. Be part of an event that not only highlights physical achievement but also fosters community spirit and encouragement among young athletes.


Bible Quizzing Help

Step into a role of support and inspiration by assisting the Bible Quizzing leadership on the day of the event. Your help is crucial in facilitating a smooth and enriching experience for all participants, ensuring the focus remains on the joy of scripture engagement and the excitement of competition. This is a unique opportunity to contribute to an environment of learning, growth, and spiritual development, making a lasting impact on the hearts and minds of young quizzers.



Embrace the opportunity to shape the future of Christian education by sharing your experience and expertise with new educators. As a mentor, you play a pivotal role in guiding, inspiring, and supporting the next generation of teachers, creating a ripple effect of positive impact within the community. This mentorship not only enriches the professional journey of new educators but also strengthens the foundation of faith-based education, ensuring its vitality and relevance for years to come.


For more information on volunteering, email

Joanna Timme              J. Robert Rowe

Arthur Nazigian

Sandy Outlar

Wayne Baker

Charles Bloomfield

Timothy Sierer

Barbara Williams

James Smock

Brendan O'Brien

Jeff Howard

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